Environments for People with Dementia

As an AOTA Emerging Leader, I have been completing work with the AOTA focusing on home modifications. My mentor recently sent me this link to an Australian organization. They compiled an excellent resource on home modifications and considerations for people with dementia.

Each room of the house is highlighted with various principles, ranging from the physical construction of the room to the color/pattern choice in the furnishings and decorations.

In my practice, I often work with older adults who have dementia and are living with a caregiver. Many people attempt to remain at home, though I also work with this population in facilities. I have seen a wide variety of decor and room arrangements in lock down memory units that can be confusing for people. Busy patterned carpets are a common issue. One building does take advantage of the inability to process visual information properly by hiding the code out of the unit in a picture that is darkly colored and busy in design! As an OT, I look at the environment to reduce a risk of falls and attempt to manage behavioral symptoms, especially agitation, which can occur when someone has difficulty understanding the world around them.

What do you take into consideration when designing environments for adults with dementia?


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