Granny Pods

I came across this article a few days ago, discussing the use of “granny pods” as a way to keep older adults out of facilities but near family. These cottages are designed for older adults, with grab bars, and softer flooring in case of falls. They also have a smart house component with sensors and cameras to monitor various health metrics, like vitals, weight, and blood pressure. Depending on zoning rules, the pods are connected into pre-existing gas, sewage, and power lines.

It is an interesting concept. To be able to have your own space in the backyard of your children or caregiver that is truly separate from the rest of the house could provide a sense of independence that a mother in law suite may not provide. The article discusses how some see it has warehousing seniors, but the description already sounds safer than some senior living buildings I have been in! I would be curious to see the inside design and if other features related to aging in place are present, especially in the kitchen area.

What is your take on the “granny pod” concept?

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