Tiny Town

It seems that tiny homes are becoming a movement, all with the aim of living simply and cheaply. Arguably, one of the best features is the focus on sustainability with many of these tiny houses. I like the idea of them being small and manageable from the standpoint of maintaining a home, and feel, if designed properly with aging in mind, they could be an interesting solution to people wanting to move into smaller dwellings as they age. Of course, I worry about the space that would be needed for wheelchairs and walkers in key spaces, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Does anyone have a solution or idea in regards to this?

I came across this story about four couples who have been best friends for a long time. They have created their own tiny town where they can live together in these tiny houses. The idea of community appeals to me, since social isolation can be a very large problem for older adults aging in the community, and is considered a serious health hazard. What is your opinion on the tiny house movement and especially for older adults?


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