Final Update on the Train Station Project

The train station project is coming to an end. The architecture students will be presenting their final projects this week, as the semester finishes. It has been a real treat to experience collaboration in this sense, and to be sincerely appreciated for the OT mindset of how all people would be able to function in the environment being designed.

The architecture professor in charge was interviewed for a local paper and spoke kindly of the collaborative process, calling occupational therapy “the conscience of the project.” Check out the article for the full story on the project, which truly was a collaboration between the community and transit authority as well as the departments within the university. It just shows how working on these kinds of projects together can foster an appreciation for others’ expertise. The architecture students were amazed by the thought process of us OTs, where we could consider the needs of many different people at once and make design recommendations to improve upon the function of their plans. For us OTs, we continued to marvel at the creativity of the architect’s mind.




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