Current Events and Publications

capable-banner Community Aging in Place- Advancing Better Living for Elders (CAPABLE)

CAPABLE Home Page:

The CAPABLE project is an interprofessional project in Baltimore, MD. The project involves a nurse, occupational therapist, and certified handyman who work as a team in a home-based skilled intervention. They aim to increase a person’s safety, mobility, and independence within the home. They have published several research articles outlining their protocol and the significant positive impact of their approach for the intervention group versus the control group in the studies. Please contact me if you would like the citations for their work in scholarly journals. As you can see below, they have also gained the attention of the media in 2013. There is also a publication of theirs in OT Practice.

PBS NewsHour:

Fox News:


Tiny Town in Texas:

Baltimore Sun article on Aging in Place market opportunities with a client story:

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