Caps logo Certified Aging in Place Specialists

The Certified Aging in Place Specialists program (CAPS) is a series of three courses offered by the National Association of Home Builders. These courses address marketing and communication strategies, design solutions, and business management for home modifications for people wishing to age in place.



executive certification home modsExecutive Certification in Home Modifications

The Executive Certification in Home Modifications is offered by the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence from University of Southern California and is comprised of five interactive online courses. Topics covered include universal design, home safety assessments, identification of modifications, method of securing professionals to complete the project, funding, raising community awareness, and the ethics of home modifications.

They now also have courses that are condition specific.


LIPI-logo Certified Living in Place Professionals (CLIPP)

The Certified Living in Place Professional Program is a two day training that focuses on training medical, construction, architectural, design, and home inspection professionals on how to assess homes for accessibility and make appropriate recommendations to increase the accessibility of a home. They focus on the Living in Place Market. It differs from CAPS in that it focuses on the ability of all people, regardless of age or condition, to be able to reside in the home, rather than just an aging in place market. They also provide access to an electronic home safety checklist upon certification and require background and liability checks of all those holding the certification.


age in placeAge in Place by the National Aging in Place Council

The National Aging in Place Council created the Age in Place website to serve as a resource for older adults with information on aging in place services and to connect people with local chapters and service providers. The website provides links to various topics from adult day centers, home modifications, financial planning, care management, real estate services, and insurance information.

dementia_enabling_environment Dementia Enabling Environments:

This organization is run out of Australia and provides resources and information on how to create the proper living environment for people with dementia. They have information ranging from the private home to facilities. One unique aspect of the site is an interactive floorplan that highlights various principles of home design for people with dementia, addressing both the physical construction and the interior design of the room.


Universal Design Living Laboratory, A National Demonstration Home exhibiting the concept of accessibility, sustainability, and healthy home construction practices Universal Design Living Laboratory

The Universal Design Living Laboratory, located in Columbus, OH, is the home of Rosemarie Rosetti, PhD, and Mark Leder. After a spinal cord injury, Dr. Rosetti and Mr. Leder designed and built a home to be accessible for not only Dr. Rosetti, but for all people. Their home is completely accessible, utilizing Universal Design principles. It has also been awarded several certifications, including 3 Universal Design certifications, 2 Green Building certifications, a Green Spot certification, and Wildlife Habitat certification.

A virtual tour, floor plans, and lists of all items present in their home is available on their website. They also open their home to tours.

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