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Please note that all points of view and advice on this website are the opinions of the author or guest authors. Likewise, any comments on the blog/website are purely the personal opinion of the commenter. You should always obtain a home evaluation and professional advice personalized to you and your situation prior to completing a home modifications project from a certified professional.The author and guest authors will not be held responsible for any harm related to a reader of this website and blog.

You are always welcome to contact the author of this website and blog in regards to any concerns about content or personal inquiries. Your contact information, personal information, and requests will be held private and confidential. In fact, contact is encouraged and welcomed!

The author of this blog does not receive compensation for highlighting various projects, programs, or products; any oversight on behalf of a specific item is purely accidental and the opportunity to rectify that situation is welcomed. Please feel free to contact me.

All information presented on this website is the property of the author of the website or author of origin, in case of guest authors. Please give us the appropriate citations and references and do not plagiarize. We worked hard to know what we know.

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